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Following government guidance our AGM has been deferred.
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We can understand a reticence to pay subscriptions in view of the lack of activity at the moment. However the Society has ongoing expenses which must be met. If you feel able to make a contribution we will be grateful. Please follow the instructions which will be issued shortly.
Brian Hope

16th March 2020
Good evening everyone
I am writing to you all to keep you up to date with developments in relation to DeckChairs.
Unfortunately, we have had no choice other than to cancel the production because of Covid 19, and the Government's most recent advice.
At this juncture, we had incurred hardly any costs so pulling the production will have virtually no financial implications for the society.
There will be no further society events for the foreseeable future, but we will be in touch with everyone once this current crisis is over and the society can resume business.
May I wish you all the very best, please look after yourselves and keep safe until the next time we are all able to meet up.
My very best wishes
Jennie Dighton

30th January 2020
I just wanted to bring you up to date with what is happening this May with the Spring production.
It has been decided that Playgoers will produce a programme of short one-act plays from a series called Deckchairs.

There are four volumes of these plays, all written by Jean McConnell and we have chosen five to be performed together in the Key Studio from 13th to 16th May.
They are all two handers for women, (which was useful as we only had one man wanting to be in our Spring show!) and they are all set on a pair of deckchairs/garden chairs. The really good thing about them is that they offer the opportunity to first time directors to have a go at directing a play without having to take on the responsibility of a full length play at their first attempt.

The five plays are as follows:
Day Trippers - directed by Steve Cutts with two new members Heather Knapp and Georgie Kane taking the two roles.
Last Post - directed by Calvin Lawrence with myself and Karen MacKenzie playing the two parts
Shoppers - directed by Lucille Villamayor with Liz Hurst and Susan Edwards
Dancers - directed by Georgina Kane with Kate Bellamy and Michele Hodgett
Guilt Card - directed by Veronica White with Heather Knapp and myself.

Tickets will be going on sale very shortly, please support the society by encouraging your family and friends to come and see the five plays, three of which are funny, and two are more serious.
All tickets are £14.50, which for five plays seems like a very good deal!!

Best wishes

Jennie Dighton

Peterborough Playgoers

Tel: 01733 222329

Mobile: 07715 539069

9th January 2020
Good afternoon everyone, and a Happy New Year to all of you to whom I haven't already spoken this year.

Playgoers Spring production will be in the Key Studio between Wednesday May 13th and Saturday May 16th 2020.
We will be staging a combination of one act plays from the four volumes of Deckchairs by Jean McConnell.
Playgoers first produced five of these plays together at The John Clare in 2000 although at that time there was only two volumes to choose from. Since then, two more volumes have been released, and there are now a total of 16 plays available.

Directors have not yet been chosen nor the plays cast, but those wanting to be involved have met and there will be another get together on Monday 20th January at Bluebell Hall at 7.30p.m. Anyone who thinks they might like to be involved is still welcome to come along that evening.
The plays are all two handers for women, and they all take place on two deckchairs in different locations. Some are funny, some are quite dramatic and sad, and we hope to choose a combination of four or five which will provide a good evening's entertainment for our audience.

Once the plays have been chosen and cast, I will be in touch with everyone again to let you all know the details, but I wanted to keep all members in the loop at this stage, so you all know what is happening with your society.
Don't forget you can come along on 20th if you want to be involved, or if you just want to be nosy and find out more!!
Best wishes
Jennie x

Tel: 01733 222329

Mobile: 07715 539069

2nd January 2020
Hi Everyone,
May I take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy New Year.
I just wanted to jog every one's memory that the first get-together for the Spring production is on Monday 6th January at 7.30pm at Bluebell Hall.
After the workshop afternoon in December, we did find a couple of new female members, but unfortunately, Lucille does not feel able, quite understandably, to direct the Coward revue with the one man wanting to be involved. A few more would be necessary to make it viable!! However, that idea has not been cancelled, merely postponed!!

The committee had a long discussion at their last meeting, and we have come up with something that we hope will give a lot of people the chance to be involved, either on stage, or in a directorial capacity but with support from everyone else.
I hope I have said enough to pique your interest and that lots of you will come along on 6th, even if you are not sure at this stage, whether you want to be involved.
As always, if you can't make 6th, but want to be involved, just drop me en email, and I'll keep you in the loop.
Hope to see lots of you on Monday
Jennie X

6th December 2019
In May 2020 Peterborough Playgoers are hoping to produce in the Key Theatre Studio a celebration of the words and music of Noel Coward called Mad About the Boy. The show will open on Wednesday 13th May and run through till Saturday with evening performances at 7.45 and a Saturday matinee at 2.30.
The technical rehearsal will be on Monday 11th May and the Dress Rehearsal on Tuesday 12th May.
Rehearsals will start in January on Mondays and Thursdays but once the show is cast it is very likely that not everybody will be needed for every rehearsal.
The show will contain songs, sketches and scenes from Coward’s work and is being directed by Lucille Villamayor.
If all this sounds like it might interest you, and you’d like to be involved, Playgoers are holding a workshop on Sunday 15th December at 2pm at Bluebell Hall, Dogsthorpe for people to come along and find out more about the show, to express their interest and meet Lucille and the rest of Playgoers, and to give Lucille some idea of your abilities. We would quite like to hear your voice, so please bring a backing track and come prepared to sing just to give Lucille some idea of your vocal capability. If you don’t want to sing, there will be opportunities for people who want to act in the sketches and the excerpts from plays.
Even if you are not sure whether you want to be involved, why not come along anyway and find out abit more about it.
If you are interested you can just turn up, but it would be great if you could let us know by emailing Lucille on or our secretary Jennie Dighton on If you have any questions or want any more information you can contact either person, either by those email addresses or by ringing Lucille on 07775 643119 or Jennie on 01733 222329.
We hope to see you there!

AGM 2019
We have 2 new Life Members - Marjorie Richardson and Bill Marriott.